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"Red Knight" short series (2013-14)

I decided to add this project because it's a passion project from high school. The VFX and script haven't aged well (consider yourself warned), but I learned so much from creating it.

For both videos, I did extensive motion tracking for the 3D helmet. I attached cardboard and green stickers to my face to be tracked in Blender. Occasionally, when the footage couldn't be tracked, I resorted to manual animation. I created, simulated and rendered the helmet in 2.6x Blender with the Cycles render engine. For "Red Knight 2," I got the car model from Blendswap ( and re-textured it to be a police car. I used masks and keying to have the CG lights affect the actor's body.

Both short films took a few months each to film, edit in Premiere Elements, and add VFX. I used Photoshop Elements to remove unwanted shadows by the camera.

The Red Knight

The Red Knight 2

Red Knight 2 VFX Breakdown